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Archived Newsletters
2014 - 2016 Issues:
Colorful Bird by R. Hachadoorian
Pink Lily by Peter Frunzoni
Winter Serenity by Rose Tracey
Young Giraffes Drinking by Linda Abrams
Newsletters are published once a month and provide background details on photographic events as well as a President's Message giving advice and insights to club members.
2011 - 2013 Issues:
River Flower by Eric Alliger
Beauty by Arlene Lancetta
Cassis by John Bruno
Tulips by Anne Yamins
Newsletters give members an opportunity to speak about their own photographic experiences and observations, and to share tips on capturing the perfect image.
2009 - 2010 Issues:
Monroe Halpern
Sunburst by R. Hachadoorian
Newsletters also profile guest lecturers and judges of the monthly competitions.